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 RETREAT centre in nature

A Centre where East meets West, North meets South and Spirit meets Matter

Tan-y-Garth Hall Retreat is a centre for the study, research, teaching and dissemination of psychological, scientific, creative and spiritual knowledge, in an open and inclusive environment. It aims to provide people with practical opportunities to explore and apply these to improving physical, psychological and spiritual well-being for all.


In short we like to think of ourselves as:


We opened in 1972 as Britain's first permanent centre teaching Yoga and meditation, both eastern and western traditions. This remains as the core of our activities today which extend to include Tai Chi, Chi Gung and other wellbeing related  practices.


about us

The building itself is a grade II listed Arts & Crafts country house set in 10 acres of woodland with excellent views of the beautiful Ceiriog Valley. Located in a commanding position over the valley it lies four miles from Llangollen just over the border into North Wales and is twenty miles south of Chester, eight miles north of Oswestry  Shropshire.

It is easily accessible from the M6 and M56 motorways via the A5 and A483, thus making it ideally situated for its role as a peaceful retreat away from the stresses of urban life. Although relatively remote, it is easily accessible by road and rail from Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham and their airports.Traveling time from London by train is typically 2 hours 48 minutes via Chester.



Tan-y-Garth Hall Retreat is owned by The International Hermeneutic Society (IHS) and run by it's members on a voluntary basis.   

The IHS began life in the late 1950’s in Liverpool. It was founded by Khen Ratcliffe and his teacher, Eugene Halliday. Ratcliffe was devoted to making Halliday's teaching accessible to a wider group of people and to this end he established the charity and oversaw the opening of Tan-y-Garth Hall in 1972  with the help of a group of supporters from Merseyside. He served as its first Director of Studies and Secretary of the Society. He was succeeded as Director after his death in 1992 by Donald Sinclair Lord, who also also taught by Halliday.

​Other notable teachers associated with the Hall over the years include, Gordon & Pam Smith of Faith House on the Wirral, David and Zero Mahlowe of Parklands in Bowden Cheshire (the centre where Halliday lived and taught), Lynne & Richard Samuel-Perry of the Yoga Centre Oswestry and Dr. Alan Roberts, who along with his wife Vedah, were founding members.

Both Halliday and Ratcliffe defined yoga after it’s Sanskrit source, meaning 'union' or 'yoking', and interpreted this as "union or yoking" with the divine. i.e. the process by which the individual works to be re-united with the ultimate source of their being. So yoga in this, as well as in the more more commonly understood sense in the west, remains the core of our work. Hence our work brings together yoga in the eastern and western traditions.


Khen Barh Shelia and Janet.jpg

Founder & Director of Studies, Khen Ratcliffe with family circa 1972

 R-L Khen Ratcliffe, Bah Ratcliffe, daughter Sheligh and boyfriend, daughter Janet Milligan


"Tan-y-Garth Hall is so much more than a Retreat it’s were you will find your self. And you will take away things that will enhance your life for ever.Their retreat days and weekends are amazing and cover many subjects that I know you will be inspired to carry on with at home"


Betty Nesbit - yoga teacher on the Wirral

"A wonderful weekend of silence presence absolutely loved it, the hall itself is mind blowingley beautiful but so serene, it is a place I could live and never talk again, Thank you to Derek and Janet for such a warm welcome and to all new and old friends I made". 

Maureen Downing Giles - Manafon, Carmarthenshire

"Wonderful weekend with Rose Preston yoga, vegetarian food beautifully cooked. Thank you for your kindness to all who shared the experience with me"

Rita Roberts



Founder & Director of Studies, Khen Ratcliffe with family circa 1972

 R-L Khen Ratcliffe, Bah Ratcliffe, daughter Sheligh and boyfriend, daughter Janet Milligan

Misty Dawn 5.jpeg


Tan-y-Garth Hall Retreat

Pontfadog, Llangollen

North Wales

LL20 7AS


Tel: +44 (0)300 302 1936 (local rate)

Free parking available on site

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